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Railings and Stairs

We guarantee that we are able to serve both residential projects such as corporate, with the use of materials that require the minimum of maintenance even in the environment very aggressive, as in works facing the beach, and varying degrees of resistance according to use, whether it is public or private.

Panoramic systems (no poles or frameless):

Brackets to the floor and railing of stainless steel round or square and tempered laminated glass of various thicknesses according to requirements. We use steel quality AISI 304 or 316, polished or satin finishes (mirror finish), according to need. Systems are available in several designs of supports, U-channel type, type side buttons, or for fixing on the outside of the floor (side on the pottery of the works), and with choice of different degree of resistance, 2kN, suitable for use in homes, restaurants, banks and the most public uses, and 3kN, specially designed for use public high traffic, such as museums, malls, theaters and auditoriums. All these lines can be supplied with LED lighting.

Systems with poles, square or round:

Different degrees of resistance, to use domestic or institutional, with glass, bars or wires of stainless steel. We use steel quality AISI 304 or 316, polished or satin finishes (mirror finish), according to need. We have available posts with proven resistance of 1kN for light commercial and residential use, 2kN for general commercial use and public spaces in medium traffic, and 3kN for severe use public spaces. In complement with the different possibilities of barriers, whether of tubes, solid rods, glass or steel cables, will always be a good choice in cost and design to meet the varied possibilities of using domestic or commercial.

Line steel-aluminum (Light):

Consisting of welded rails, stainless steel, or solid aluminum, manufactured to size and the color required. These Rails allow application in any environment, since corrosion resistance makes them suitable to withstand applications in front of beach projects. The crafting system allows to develop works in variety of designs for custom projects. Usually use stainless steel pipe caliber 16, ½, ¾, 1 and 1 ½ inches, and solid bars of aluminum ½ and 5/8 inch, which soldiers to handrail of the same materials, allow us to develop a wide variety of forms, from simple to complex including curves, that adapt to the varied requirements existing in the various projects that we serve at a very reasonable cost.

Classic Line:

This line provides any design or model of Rails using the technical millenarian of the slab, with decorated in polished bronze, aluminum and wood handrail if required. Line for internal works use or for outdoor use where there is corrosion caused by salt.

The versatility of wrought iron allows clients to stop violating your imagination creating exclusive designs, which our company to manufacture tailored, combining wrought with accessories in polished bronze and wood, thus giving that touch of required majesty in some exclusive residential projects that only adapt to the use of this technique. Thus, manufacture rails straight, helical rails, hard curves and full type spiral stairs, giving response to any requirement specifies that you required.

Line Stairs in Steel:

We manufacture structures for stairs, both iron and stainless steel, according to your need and to measure. These can be straight or conch and the treads can be supplied in wood, deck, ceramic or aluminum. We have many possibilities of design for complete stairs, from classic line in iron, structures in fishtail or avant-garde stairs, in cantilever all may be manufactured and installed by our company.