Privacy Policy from Arteferro Colombia LTDA.

Welcome to Arteferro Colombia! We are an organization dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of all types of metal parts such as steel, aluminum, iron and wrought iron that consolidate our extensive line of product sand services together with glass and wood. Arteferro brings together professional manufacturers, consultants, planners, designers and installers, forming an excellent team that achieves the quality that your project deserves. This privacy policy describes what personal data obtained Arteferro, how used it, how you can share this information, and what options and rights are subject to it. Access to and use of our platform is subject to this privacy policy

1. Collection of personal data

We collect personal data that you provide to us, third-party and automatically when you use our platform, as well as personal data associated with your device using cookies and similar technologies. We can also receive information about their location.

Personal data you provide: We collect the personal data that you provide us, including information from your account and profile, the content that sends or publishes on our platform, your information shopping, its communications and information provided by us as part of surveys and contests.

Account and profile information: When you create an account in our platform, we collect the personal data that you provide, such as your name, e-mail address, interests, gender, age and profile information.

Content that sends: We collect information, data and content that you send or publish on our platform, including your photos, comments, ratings, searches, photographic notes, books of ideas and discussions.

Communications: When you contact us (by email, phone, through our platform or otherwise) and when you use our platform to communicate with others, we store a copy of your communications (including recordings of calls,Whenever I will notify you and obtain your consent in accordance with the applicable legislation). Some professionals and our platform vendors may choose to use our call-tracking feature to better manage your business.When you make calls to these professionals and vendors using the telephone number that appears in our platform, you are using our platform. Before you record these calls, Arteferro will notify you or obtain consent in accordance with the applicable legislation. However, communications professionals, vendors and others that take place outside of our platform are not subject to this privacy policy.

Surveys and contests: If you participate in our surveys, contests or promotions, we will collect the information or personal data that you provide.

Information or personal data of others: We collect information that others provide us, including information: other platforms, available publicly, other users of our platform, our corporate partners and affiliates and third party sites.

Other platforms: It is possible that we receive information about you from third-party platforms to obtained his permission to share this information with us. If you choose to register on our platform through Facebook or Google or load your contacts from your third-party e-mail service, you will be asked to share some information with us as these third-party platforms to identify him.

Information available publicly: Other people can post content on our platform that include information about you(for example, as part of photos or stories). If you are a professional or seller, we also collect information about you from sources available publicly and show it as part of our platform. For example, we receive your name and contact details of the associations of the sector and of networks of distributors that participate and show their affiliation with these organizations

Other users: In order to improve the quality of our platform, practitioners and vendors of our platform can provide us in formation about your bonding with them, including if they have contacted or responded, if your project has been completed, or if you have received a product you ordered. If you are a professional or a vendor, users and visitors of the platform can provide comments and public opinions about you.

Our collaborators: It is possible that we receive information about you from our partners. For example, our payment processors can update your payment information, advertising partners can help us to send communications to your address and third can help us to prevent fraud by verifying your contact information.

Information and/or personal data collected automatically: We collect information about the use you make of our platform, including its search activity, the pages you visit, the date and time of your visit and, if you use our extensions of browser, the content with which it interacts in third-party sites . We also collect personal data your device provided in connection with the use of our platform, such as browser type, device type, browser language, IP address, the mobile operator, the unique identifier for the device, the location and the chosen URL is concerned.

Cookies and similar technologies: We use cookies in relation to the use that you make of our platform to collect information relating to what he sees and in our platform and what interacts with other accesses and uses of the platform. See our cookies policy for further information about our use of cookies and how to disable them, but keep in mind that we do not change the behavior of the system within our platform in response to the requests from browsers that it can be tracked.

Information on location: If you enable it via your browser or mobile device, we will receive the location of your device. We can infer your general location from their IP address. You can also choose to provide us with your location information by entering this information into our platform.

2. Use of your information and your personal data

We use personal information that we collect to provide, support and customise our platform and to communicate with you about our platform (inside and outside). The ways in which we do include the following:

a. To provide and improve the functionality of our platform, including show the content that you post publicly; complete your purchases through our platform; process, store and deliver their communications; provide service and technical support to the customer; respond to your questions or requests; perform backups of our systems; and improve the security of our platform.

b. Evaluate the use of our platform for our business purposes, and to improve and develop our products and services, including new products and services and the functionality of our platform.

c. Your experience and to adapt the content and the information that is put at your disposal and our support services.

d. Display relevant advertising (in our platform and third-party sites) and evaluate the success of our advertising.

e. Give opinions to professionals and vendors of our platform.

f. Prevent fraud and maintain an experience of quality for our business or legal purposes, including spam and filtering of communications that violate our agreements with you).

g. Enforce our agreements with you and the applicable legislation; comply with our legal obligations; prosecute or defend a suit, arbitration or similar legal procedure; respond to legal requests from public authorities (including the requirements of national security or law enforcement).

h. Perform research and analysis for our business purposes; and.

i. If you decide to participate, administer surveys, contests and promotions.

In order to facilitate a more connected experience, if you provide us information and/or personal information about your contacts (for example, when you register on our platform through Facebook), we can inform those of your contacts who have accounts in our platform that has also teamed up with our platform and follow them on your behalf so that you can see your public activities on our platform.

In general, we can use your communications for purposes of quality assurance and training, as well as to improve our products and services. We can use them to understand and help manage the quality of the applications received and responses sent by professionals and vendors in our platform and to provide them with opinions. We can use automated technologies to review their communication sand improve the user experience.

We can use your information and/or personal data fromstart of session, cookies, device and IP addresses to identifyand register all devices use on our platform. We can usetheir addresses to personalize your experience on ourplatform. Any use of your information or personal data that is incompatible with these uses will be communicated in advance so that you can opt out of such use at its discretion

3. Sharing your personal information

We do not rent or sell your personal contact information(such as your email address associated with the registration of your account) to third parties that use it for their own marketing purposes. We share information in the following ways:

Visitors to the platform: Through our platform, if you are a professional or a seller, we can show aggregate information about its activity to help visitors and users to evaluate you, including your response rate and last visit to our platform. We cannot control the use visitors to the platform of information or content that you choose to make available.

Professionals, vendors and other companies: If you ask us to find professionals for you, your project information (including contact information) that you provide will be available to a limited number of professionals who believe that they may be suitable for your project.Professionals and vendors involved in the platform Arteferro view their public activities in our platform and receive comments that you provide us about your interaction with them. For example, if you ask us that we look for professionals for you and provide us with comments about their level of interest in them, we can convey these opinions. In addition, a professional or salesperson can see their public activities in our platform that interact with its content (for example, which has added one of his photos to his book of ideas not private on a date determined, identified by the user name of your) profile and any photo or public identifier provided for your profile). The company can not see your account that is not public information (for example, the email address) or see private activities (for example, if his book of ideas is private). We asked them to professionals, vendors and advertising of our platform companies to limit the use of your information to the reasons for which such information was provided, however, its use is subject to their own privacy policies.

Service providers and contributors to the platform: We may share your data with other people as reasonably necessary for our purposes described in this privacy policy, and ask them to limit the use of that personal data. In addition, if you agree to specifically share your information with a third-party partner, for example, as part of a contest or promotion we sponsor with the third party, we will share your data of contact with that third party.

Advertisers and ad networks: We use similar companies and advertising networks to serve ads on third-party sites and to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising. We can work with advertising partners to serve ads on our platform and use advertising partners to communicate with you in directions that are for you. This type of companies use cookies and similar technologies. We can provide them to the adnetwork, advertising partners and companies that are announced in our aggregate information platform, but excluding coded information or identifiers of devices, we do not disclose your name, information of contact or other personal information. For more information, see our cookies policy.

Companies that advertise on our platform can also use cookies or similar technologies to track your activities on our platform. Some of these companies are involved in the Network Advertising Initiative (network advertising initiative) or the Digital Advertising Alliance (Alliance for digital advertising). Visit the pages of opt-out of these organizations for information on how you may opt not to receive customized advertisements based on the web of participating companies. You can access any configuration offered by its mobile operating system to limit the adtracking or install the AppChoices application for more information on how you may opt not to receive ads custom applications Mobile.

Research: Pursuant to the extent permitted by applicable law, we can investigate and disclose information and/or personal information about you if we believe that such investigation or disclosure is (reasonably necessary to comply with legal process a) and the instructions and orders of law enforcement, such as an order of registration, citation, statute, judicial proceedings or other legal process that has us been notified; (b) useful to prevent, investigate or identify possible irregularities in connection with our platform; (c) useful to protect our rights, reputation, our property or that of our visitors, users, affiliates corporate or the public; or (d) to ensure the implementation of our agreements with you.

4. Plug-ins, widgets and third-party links

Our platform may include characteristics of social networks of third parties and other plug-ins and third-party widgets. When these functions are shown in our platform they are operated or hosted by third parties and are subject to their own policies of privacy rather than this privacy policy. Our platform also contains links to third party sites we do not control nor operate us. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites.

5. Communications

An essential part of our services is our contact form. In accordance with applicable law, we inform you tips, offers and similar services of Arteferro can include professionals, vendors and other companies in these communications on our platform. Our platform also allows you and other people send messages in our platform, share content with others outside of our platform, and if your contact details are available, that other people get in touch with you out of our platform.

6. Children

Our platform is aimed at the public in general, except children under the age of 13. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under 13 years old and, where we know that we have collected such data, we will take steps to eliminate it. If you know or believe that a child has provided us with personal data, please contact us as described in the section contact us.

7. Security of personal data

We take into account the risks having treatment and the nature of the personal data and use reasonable and appropriate measures to protect against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosures, alterations and destruction.

8. Updates to this privacy policy

We may revise this privacy policy periodically and the use we make of information or personal data we have about you will be governed by the most current version of this. If we make significant changes to our privacy policy, notify you by email orby posting a notice on our platform. You will be subject to the privacy policy if you continue accessing our platform or if used when these changes go into effect.

9. Please contact us

If you have any questions or comments about the privacy policy of Arteferro::

a. If you are resident in the European economic area, send us an email to

b. otherwise, send us an email to

It can also send a letter to our registered office: Calle 34 #4-52, Los Patios - Cucuta NS. Colombia

10. International transfers of personal data and information

Arteferro is a global organization based in Colombia and has suppliers of services and operations in the country. To visit our platform, your information and personal data will be transferred and processed in Colombia (or any other country from which e access). Data protection laws differ from one jurisdiction to another, and it is possible that in Colombia and other jurisdictions do not provide the same level of protection of the personal data that the jurisdiction where he has his residence. If you are a citizen of the European economic area('EEA') and we transfer your personal data to countries out side the EEA, we will take the necessary measures to ensure that your personal data will receive the same level of protection as described in this policy of privacy. Learn more.

11. Legal basis for the processing of personal data (Europe an economic area

If you are citizen of the EEA, our legal basis to collect and use the information and personal data described in this privacy policy will depend on the information and personal data in question and the specific context in which we collect them. In order to celebrate or perform a contract with you, with your consent, or to meet our legal obligations, we collect and use your information and personal data for a variety of commercial purposes for which we have an interest legitimate.

If you want to learn more about the specific legal grounds on which we base ourselves to treat your personal data for an purpose in particular (including any legitimate interest that we have to treat these data), please contact with us as indicated in the section please contact us. For example, trust our legitimate interests to treat personal data for marketing purposes and the information directly and for the prevention and detection of fraud, provided that these interests are not surpassed by the interests of data protection or by rights and fundamental freedoms.

12. Rights of protection of data (European economic area)

In some regions, such as the EEA, you may have certain rights in relation to your information and personal data, including the right to access, rectify them, update it or request its deletion. Arteferro takes reasonable measures to ensure that the data we collect is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can file a complaint with a protection authority data about our collection and use of your personal data. For more in formation, please contact your local data protection authority. Here you will find the contact details for the data protection authorities in the EEA and Switzerland.

In the same way, if we have collected and treated personal data with your consent, may withdraw it at any time. Revoke your consent will not affect the legality of any treatment that we have carried out prior to its repeal or affect the treatment of your personal data that has been carried out on the basis of non-consent legal treatments. We respond to all the requests we receive from people whowant to exercise their rights in the field of data protection inaccordance with applicable data protection laws. We may askyou to verify your identity to help us to respond efficiently toyour request.

With effect from July 20, 2018