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Fences and Gates

So if you require a large number of metres of bars for closing of a project or institution, as if you need a majestic gate in wrought or modern, or the front door of a mansion, our company is able to design, manufacture and deliver installed these elements using a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. The limit is the imagination of our customers. Our bars are manufactured with the quality required for a low-maintenance according to the environments in which it will be exposed, guaranteeing maximum durability. It is possible to develop custom work projects, in laid logos, emblems or marks in the sections of work, for corporate or institutional identification, or customized for a family brand designs.

Regardless of whether the design is very contemporary or classic, how important are the quality criteria with which we develop our manufacturing process, which will ensure in any line, maximum quality and peace of mind. We have available a line of lightweight design gratings, manufactured in welded aluminum, which are ideal for large volumes of work on projects that require low maintenance, these are manufactured with modular system which are assembled to be installed in work, allowing to transport large quantities of these in a container, thus, important economies of scale.